DoES Accounts

Information about the DoES bank accounts and other accounting relating issues.

General Info

We use Freeagent for our accounting.

When generating an invoice, the terms should be one of the following:

Hot desk days are logged in the Google Docs spreadsheet, anyone can log hot desk use on this form. Hot desk use can also be automatically logged by the door bot if the person's RFID card is set up.

Automated payments (Direct Debits & Standing Orders)

For the Uniform workshop payment JohnMcKerrell has decided to create a recurring profile that creates an invoice ~5 days before the direct debit will be taken with a due date of 7 days. This should then be paid automatically within that period and we can pick up on this before the reminder email goes out and automatically send the thanks email.


Key deposits are currently billed as a standard item on an invoice. Because this is a deposit we should record it as a loan as it is money that we will need to pay back at some point. The best way that we have found to do this is to add a Journal Entry on FreeAgent. This creates an entry in a "Suspense Account". We will currently assign everything in this Suspense Account as deposits/loans.

How to do a BankImport

These instructions are on the BankImport page.

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