DoorBots are machines near to the doors of DoES Liverpool that provide the following services:

Password for the doorbots can be found on DoESPasswords

General Fixes

Configuring RFID System

The RFID system has a config.yaml file in logcards/ containing entries in a relatively obvious format. Once this file has been modified you should kill -HUP the process. You then need to copy the config to the Raspberry Pi doorbot. The simplest way to do this is as to:

Getting the ID of a new card

To find the ID of a new card you should do the following:

The Manual Way

The old way is to do all the changes and reloads manually:


If you load a new config, check sudo screen -x and you get an error message instead of a list of settings being displayed, e.g.

the most likely culprit is a problem with the formatting of the config file. In the case of the message above, it was a set of 3 whitespaces at the start of one line instead of 4. Your error message might be more helpful if contains the line number of the error.


Rebooting the machine will bring up the rfid checkers automatically (it currently runs /home/pi/ from /root/.bashrc), to start chromium on the main screen do the following:

Opening the Door Remotely


The screensaver should be disabled but occasionally after a reboot this doesn't happen. To fix this try running the following commands:



If the wires from the DoorBot 1 RFID reader become detached, they need to be re-attached to 4 hole connector soldered onto the GPIO connector as follows:

DoorBot 0

DoorBot 0 was the original doorbot running on JohnMcKerrell's old bitcoin mining machine. It used a USB MyFID reader to log visitors and hot desk usage and drove the screen next to the door. It was retired as a DoorBot on 16/11/2012

Setting up a DoorBot

Work in progress - instructions on how to bootstrap a DoorBot from a fresh Raspbian image

This can now be achieved using the scripts at the following location:

More information can be found in the in that repository.

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